AI Takes on the Challenges of Deep Learning and Psychiatric Diagnosis

Deep learning uncovers what the patient said, not what the clinician heard It is equally dangerous at either extreme — …


Fundamentals of Data Architecture to Help Data Scientists Understand Architectural Diagrams Better

Before pretending you understand the diagram your smart colleague shows to you. Introduction Within a company using data to derive …


Collaborating on GitHub

Must know tools for Data Scientists In the last tutorial, we learned about the basics of GitHub. In this tutorial, all …


Predicting the flow of the South Fork Payette River using an LSTM neural network

How to make a prediction with time-series data using machine learning. TL;DR: I made an LSTM neural network model that …


Deploying Data Dashboards Automatically, Reliably, and Securely

New open source software to securely automate deployment of data scientists’ interactive visualizations in all languages and frameworks Today’s data …

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